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Link to PDF of 2021 MGI Strategic Plan

As of November 18, 2021 the full 2021 MGI Strategic Plan is available at in PDF format. The report itself does not, however, have a digital object identifier (DOI). This landing page provides, therefore, a DOI with permanent link to an archived PDF of the 2021 version of the MGI Strategic Plan. As stipulated below, this work is in the public domain and we acknowledge the work of the Office of Science, Technology, and Policy.

The following information is from the cover page of the plan:

Materials Genome Initiative Strategic Plan

The Materials Genome Initiative was launched in 2011 to accelerate the discovery, design, development, and deployment of new materials, at a fraction of the cost, by harnessing the power of data and computational tools in concert with experiment. The 2021 Materials Genome Initiative Strategic Plan updates and replaces the previous strategic plan released December 2014, and reflects the significant advances that have been made over the past ten years. This document provides a vision to align the MGI community across the continuum from research and development through deployment, and identifies goals for the next five years with objectives and actions to be taken by the community to advance the MGI.


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