Our Mission:

The Materials Research Data Alliance (MaRDA) is a community-led network  focused on connecting and integrating U.S. materials research data infrastructure to realize the promise of open, accessible, and interoperable materials data.  Each of these elements are aligned with the goals of the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI).  MaRDA provides a platform that promotes the convergence of ideas, people, data, and tools to accelerate discovery, enable new insights into materials mechanisms, and lay the foundation for both human-centered and artificial intelligence-assisted approaches to materials design. MaRDA is governed by an elected council, MaRDAC, that promotes the interests of materials data researchers nationally and internationally, and coordinates the efforts of MaRDA.

What we Provide:

  • a forum for membership input on management of issues beyond a single individuals scope or capabilities
  • a forum to support large-scale impact of outcomes
  • a vehicle to develop groups and support their work within the context of materials data stakeholders
  • a liaison to work with world-wide data alliances to coordinate and develop efforts and leverage existing expertise
  • a liaison to provide input to funders and high-level coordinating bodies
  • a forum to recognize and develop scientific opportunities uniquely facilitated by data-intensive approaches.
Color micrograph of an 3Al Alloy