2021 MaRDA Annual Meeting
Virtual February 21 – 23, 1:00 – 4:30 EST.


The Annual Meeting is a chance to learn about MaRDA and connect with others interested in solving data problems through community action.
The meeting includes ~3.5 hours of short presentations, panel discussions, and workshops each day. Participants are welcome to attend any or all days. Registration and membership in MaRDA is free and open to all materials data stakeholders interested in the mission of MaRDA.

(Please note that the MaRDA Council wants to inform all participants that the meeting, Feb 21-23, will be recorded.)


Driving Infrastructure Forward – Materials in the Era of FAIR Data

1:00 | Introduction to MaRDA: David Elbert, Johns Hopkins University
1:15 | Revising the MGI Strategic Plan: Linda Sapochak, OSTP Subcommittee on the MGI and NSF-DMR Division Director
1:20 | Building a Materials Data Infrastructure – Why, What Who: Chuck Ward, Air Force Research Laboratory
1:40 | Panel Discussion 1 – Connecting Data and Science: Chris Wolverton, Northwestern; Tyrel McQueen, Johns Hopkins; Brian DeCost, NIST; Alex Hexemer, ALS-LBL; John Gregoire, Caltech
2:05 | Questions to Panel
2:20 | Open Discussion from Invitees (pose questions in chat and session Google Doc)
2:50 | Break
3:05 | Panel Discussion 2 – Putting Data to Work: Alex Norquist, Haverford College; Logan Ward, University of Chicago; Zach Trautt, NIST; Ken Kroenlein, Citrine Informatics
3:15 | Questions to Panel
3:30 | Perspective: Michael Cooke, DOE Office of Science; Tom Russell, DOE BES; Ben Brown, DOE ASCR
3:40 | Open Discussion from Invitees (pose questions in chat and session Google Doc)
4:00 | NIST Research Data Framework: Bob Hanisch, NIST
4:05 | Break
4:10 | Summary Discussion and Working Group Planning
4:30 | Adjourn


Connecting Materials Infrastructure – Growing the State of the Art

1:00 | Introduction: David Elbert, Johns Hopkins; Peter Voorhees, Northwestern University and CHiMaD
1:15 | Organization and Day 2 Goals: Ben Blaiszik, Globus/UChicago/Argonne; Boris Kozinsky, Harvard University/Bosch Research
1:20 | Panel 1 – State of the Art Data Infrastructure: Claudia Draxl, Humboldt Univ Berlin; Jens Hummelshoj, Toyota Research Institute; Giovanni Pizzi, EPFL; Gian-Marco Rignanese, UC Louvain; Cormac Toher, Duke University; Moderator – Boris Kozinsky
2:20 | Break
2:30 | Panel 2 – Models and Workflows Driven by Data: Chandler Becker, NIST; David Cebon, ANSYS/Granta; Mathew Cherukara, Argonne National Lab; Sandra Gesing, Notre Dame; Matthew Jackson, Solvay; Ellad Tadmor, Univ of Minnesota; Moderator – Ale Strachan
3:20 | Break
3:30 | Panel 3 – Gap Analysis: John Allison, UMich/PRISMS; Carelyn Campbell, NIST; Elif Ertekin, UIUC; Max Hutchinson, Citrine Informatics; Moderator – Ben Blaiszik
4:20 | Break
4:30 | Wrap-up and Working Group Brainstorming: Moderator – Ale Strachan
4:55 | Adjourn


Education and Workforce Development – Integrating Curricula and Research

1:00 | Introduction: Cate Brinson, Duke University
1:15 | Education and Workforce Development Reports – Needs and Recommendations: Chuck Ward, AFRL
1:30 | Materials Science Education Through the Lens of Information Science: Krishna Rajan, University at Buffalo
2:00 | NIST MGI Workforce Education: Gilad Kusne, NIST
2:30 | Break
2:35 | Using the nanoHUB Cyberinfrastructure to Share Interactive Content for MGI Education and Workforce Development: Tanya Faltens, Purdue University
2:55 | How to Convince Yourself (and Your Students) of the Value of Data Curation: Evan Reed, Stanford University
3:15 | AI Natives for Autonomous Research: Benji Maruyama, Air Force Research Laboratory
3:25 | Group Discussion about possible Working Groups: Krishna Rajan & Gilad Kusne, Moderators
4:15 | Closing Remarks: James Warren, NIST
4:30 | Adjourn

Registration has closed, but MaRDA members may still join the meeting on WebEx. The meeting ID and password were provided to registered users in email.