2023 MaRDA Annual Meeting
Virtual February 21 – 23

Meeting Co-Chairs: Dr. Arun Mannodi-Kanakkithodi (Purdue), Dr. Rama Vasudevan (ORNL), Dr. Ekin Dogus Cubuk (Google)
Poster Session Winners: Robert Appleton (Purdue), Yigitcan Comlek (Northwestern), Reetu Joseph (KIT), and Kat Nykiel (Purdue)


The 2023 Annual Meeting provides a deep dive into materials data and data infrastructure preparedness for the rapid acceleration in both AI use and AI capabilities. Join us for presentations and discussions about community collaboration and working groups to advance MGI priorities. Learn and provide feedback about the OSTP Nelson Memorandum on Equitable Access, the CHIPS Act, and interagency efforts to support FAIR data and infrastructure to drive materials innovation.
The meeting includes ~3.5 hours of short presentations, panel discussions, and workshops each day. Participants are welcome to attend any or all days. Registration and membership in MaRDA is free and open to all materials data stakeholders interested in the mission of MaRDA.

Membership Link: (all participants should register for MaRDA membership)

Winning Posters 

Robert Appelton, Graduate Student, Purdue University | Developing a DFT database of high pressure structures

Yigitcan Comlek, Graduate Research Assistant, Northwestern University  | Latent Variable Gaussian Process (LVGP) for Large Combinatorial Design Spaces: Metal Organic Framework Design

Reetu Joseph, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany | SEM Metadata Extraction Tool and and Schema Mapper

Kat Nykiel, Graduate Student, Purdue University | Semi-Supervised Prediction of Double Transition Metal MXene Stability

You can review the 2023 poster session winners’ research summary here. 

(Please note that the meeting, Feb 21-23, has been recorded. You can view the agenda with recordings below.)


Future Preparedness Across the MGI

1:00 | Welcome and Introduction to MaRDA2023 – Cate Brinson (Duke), Rama Vasudevan  (ORNL), Ekin Dogus Cubuk (Google), Arun Mannodi Kanakkithodi (Purdue)

1:10|Session 1:  Equitable Access: Data Alliances in Light of the OSTP’s Nelson Memorandum – Chairs: Nicholas Schwarz (APS/Argonne National Lab), David Elbert (Johns Hopkins), Cate Brinson (Duke)
1:15 | Equitable Access and the Year of Open Science Chelle Gentemann (NASA)
1:30 | Panel Discussion 1: Alexios Klironomos (NSF), Richard Vaia (DOD), Michael Cooke (DOE), Chelle Gentemann (NASA)
2:20 |

Poster Session 1, Chair: Juan Carlos Verduzco Gastelum (Purdue): GatherTown

3:10 | Session 2: Data Infrastructure and Labs of the Future – Chairs: Mathew Cherukara (APS/Argonne), Debra Audus (NIST), Olga Wodo (Buffalo)
3:15 | Panel Presentations and Open Discussion 2: Brad Olsen (MIT), Tim Erdmann (IBM), June Lau (NIST), Mahshid Ahmadi (University of Tennessee)
4:35 | Summary Discussion and Planning
4:45 | Adjourn


National Data Infrastructure

1:00 |Welcome – Peter Voorhees (Northwestern), Maria Chan (DOE), Arun Mannodi Kanakkithodi (Purdue)

1:05 | Session 3:  Future preparedness for computing, microelectronics, and energy storage – Chairs: Peter Voorhees (Northwestern) and Maria Chan (DOE)
1:40 | Panel Discussion 1: Eric Lin (NIST), Rajeev Assary (Argonne National Laboratory), Arunima Singh (Arizona State University) 
2:20 | Poster Session 2

3:10 | Session 4: The Future of Access to Materials Data – Chairs: Arun Mannodi Kanakkithodi (Purdue) and Ben Blaiszik (Chicago)
3:15 | Panel Presentations and Discussion:Andrew Rosen (Berkeley), KJ Schmidt (MDF), Kamal Choudhary (NIST), Maxim Ziatdinov (ORNL), Christoph Koch (HUBerlin/FAIRMat)
3:45 | Open Discussion 
4:30 | Summary
4:45 | Adjourn


1:00 | Welcome – Dogus Cubuk (Google),  Alejandro Strachan (Purdue)
Session 5:  Industry-Academic-National Lab Partnerships: Impact Stories and Needs
1:10 | Panel Presentations and Discussion: Remi Dingreville (Sandia), Michael Rauch (Schrodinger) , Austin Sendek (Aionics & Stanford), Larry Zitnick (Meta AI Research)
1:40 | Open Discussion

2:20 | Break

Session 6: Coordinating the MGI: Materials Research Coordination Network  – Chairs: Ben Blaiszik (Chicago), Cate Brinson (Duke), David Elbert (Johns Hopkins)
2:30 |FAIR Data – Cate Brinson (Duke), Peter Voorhees (Northwestern), and Laura Bartolo (Northwestern)
         |FAIR Train – Olga Wodo (Buffalo), Alejandro Strachan (Purdue), Brian Schuster (UTEP)
         |FAIR Models – Ale Strachan (Purdue) and Ben Blaiszik (Chicago)
         |Open Discussion

Session 7: Working Group Reports  – MaRDA Council and Session Co-Chairs
3:00 | Reports of Selected Current Working Groups:
         Data Dictionaries: Donny Winston (Polyneme LLC), Ken Kroenlein (Citrine Informatics)
         Automated Metadata Extractors: Matthew Evans (UCLouvain), Peter Kraus (TUBerlin), David Elbert
         FAIR for Materials: Cate Brinson (Duke), Laura Bartolo (Northwestern)
3:20 | Working Group Planning
3:35 | Outstanding Poster Awards and Presentations 

3:50 | Closing Comments, Jim Warren (NIST), David Elbert (Johns Hopkins)
4:00 | Adjourn

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