Wednesday, February 23, 2022, 2:45 – 3:15 PM EST

Room Name Presenter Poster Title
10_Liu_ExpKnow Hao   Liu On   the importance of the expert knowledge for data-driven structure-property   mapping
11_Zhu_MaxPhase Ruijie Zhu Exploring stable MAX phases   using high throughput computation
12_Gupta_Trans Vishu   Gupta Cross-property   deep transfer learning framework for enhanced predictive analytics on small   materials data
13_Lalonde_Deg Jessica Lalonde A Machine Learning Approach to   Investigate Degradation of Poly(hydroxyalkanoates)
14_Farache_MPCA David   Farache Active   Learning for accelerated discovery of high- temperature MPCA
15_Ding_Phonon Jingxuan Ding Phonon anharmonicity and ionic   diffusion in AgCrSe2: a combined study from neutron/x-ray scattering and DFT   simulations
16_McClure_Feat Zachary   McClure Feature   optimization and active learning protocols for high-hardness alloy discovery
17_Hong_MSELang Zhi Hong Material science language models   and analysis
18_Mishra_Sim2L Saswat   Mishra Experimental   database for arc-melting and oxidation in Refractory alloys using Sim2Ls
19_Taufique_Solid M.F.N. Taufique Data Management and Analysis to   Advance Solid Phase Processing