WG 5: Data Dictionaries Working Group

The goals and expected impact of this group are to produce practical recommendations for how to deliver dataset documentation in-band, i.e., metadata that travels with the data and enrich dataset context by making relationships to other datasets in the materials research community explicit.

The expected impact is improvement in materials research dataset interoperability and reuse by identifying a practical method whereby data dictionaries can be published, inter-linked, and referenced by the datasets they describe. Such a bottom-up “lightweight ontology” approach should complement existing top-down “upper ontology” efforts.


● A Working Group Note, published on the MaRDA Alliance website,12 months after commencement of the working group, as outlined in the Work Plan.

● A recorded webinar, linked to the published Note, wherein the working group presents its findings to a meeting of MaRDA members in order to answer questions and encourage wider adoption of the group’s recommendations by the community.

Term: April 15, 2021 – April 15, 2022

Chairs: Donny Winston, Polyneme LLC; June Lau, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Ken Kroenlein, Citrine Informatics,