WG 6: FAIR for Materials

This group will describe the current state of materials data efforts around the world, discuss what FAIR data principles mean in the context of materials science and engineering, summarize inputs garnered from conversations with key community stakeholders, and propose a roadmap with concrete actions, both individual and collective, towards FAIR materials data. We envision a roadmap that leads to a future where all high-quality materials data necessary for a given application are well-described, published, and findable by both humans and machines to enable data-driven research and development. Researchers will then be able to easily understand, reuse, and recombine data in new ways, unleashing a new era of accelerated innovation and progress, dramatically increasing the impact of materials research and engaging new communities.


Cate Brinson, Duke University
Ian Foster, University of Chicago
Alejandro Strachan, Purdue University
Ben Blaiszik, Materials Data Facility and University of Chicago
Peter Voorhees, Northwestern University
Laura Bartolo Northwestern University