2024 MaRDA Virtual Annual Meeting FEBRUARY 20-22

Poster Session Participants

Kamyar BarakatiPhysics of superconductors form image analysis

Maitreyo Biswas Ensemble-based learning methods for halide perovskite discovery

Safak CalliogluInverse Design of Quasicrystals and Complex Nanoparticle Architectures through ML Approaches

Ching-Chien ChenDiscovery of high-pressure phases – integrating high-throughput DFT simulations, graphic neural networks, and active learning

Je ChenAutomated Diffraction Pattern Analysis for Identifying Crystal Systems Using Multiview Opinion Fusion Machine Learning

Migon ChoiData Driven Analysis of 2D Perovskite Solar Cells

Yigitcan ComlekInterpretable Multi-Source Materials Data Fusion through Latent Variable Gaussian Process

Rushik DesaiMulti-component, multi-phase Perovskite Database

Vishu GuptaStructure-Aware Graph Neural Network Based Deep Transfer Learning Framework For Enhanced Predictive Analytics On Diverse Materials Datasets

Ghazal KhalighinejadBenchmarking LLMs on Extracting Polymer Nanocomposite Samples

Yu LiuAutomated experiment with SPM

Scott McClellanSemantic Tools for Materials Metadata

Saswat Mishra – Refractory Oxidation Database (RefOxDB): A FAIR Approach to Analyzing Oxidation Kinetics and Enhancing Oxidation Resistance

Aditya Raghavan – Machine Learning Analysis of Cathodoluminescence Data of MZO Thin Films

Md Habibur RahmanAccelerating Defect Prediction in Semiconductors Using Graph Neural Networks (GNNs)

Jonathan Schmidt – Machine Learning for Materials Discovery

Jiale ShiCalculating Pairwise Similarity of Polymer Ensembles via Earth Mover’s Distance

Boris SlautinMultimodal Navigation for Exploring Structure-Property Relationships in Combinatorial Libraries via Multi-Task Bayesian Optimization

Darryl TaylorMachine Learning Guided Optimization of Hydrogel Composition for Enhanced Metal Intercalation

Vineeth VenugopalMatKG-2: Unveiling precise material science ontology through autonomous committees of LLMs

William VittetoeAutomated Experiment on STEM and SPM