Save The Date: U.S. MGI Principal Investigator Meeting July 30th and 31st in Washington DC

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This Working Group will review the NIST LIMS Roadmap, propose a LIMS schema and provide LIMS related checklists for research groups and organizations. In particular, this review will focus on extensibility and interoperability with more specific metadata schemas, such as REMBI, PIDINST, the NeXus data format (, etc. The working group will identify other materials research workflows and metadata collection methods that will enable the documentation of research efforts in LIMS implementations. The results of this study will be made available to the materials community that could be updated by future working groups as additional resources become available. 

Co- Chairs: Eric Stach, University of Pennsylvania, Josh Taillon, NIST

MaRDAC Representative: Laura Bartolo, Northwestern 

Members: John Allison, (University of Michigan), Carelyn Campbell (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Cory Czarnik (Gatan Inc), Jennifer Carter (Case Western Reserve University), Kamal Choudhary (National Institute of Standards and Technology); Dieter Isheim (Northwestern University), Derk Joester (Northwestern University), Roberto dos Reis (Northwestern University), Richard Sheridan (Duke University), Douglas Stauffer (Bruker Corp)

Ex Officio: June Lau, NIST

This work is supported by the NSF grant FAIROS RCN: 2226416, 2226417

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