2024 MaRDA Virtual Annual Meeting FEBRUARY 20-22

Meeting Chairs: Dr. Debra Audus (NIST), Dr. Corey  Oses (Johns Hopkins), Dr. Fatih Sen (Noverais)

The 2024 Annual Meeting provides a deep dive into the pivotal role of open data in shaping the landscape of AI/ML applications and their future trajectories. Join us for engaging discussions on collaborative, interagency initiatives aimed at advancing FAIR data principles and the expansive integration of AI in materials discovery, design, and deployment. The meeting includes ~4 hours of short presentations, panel discussions, and workshops each day. Participants are welcome to attend any or all days. Registration and membership in MaRDA is free and open to all materials data stakeholders interested in the mission of MaRDA.

All posted times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Registration now open! Registration Link (all participants should be a MaRDA member prior to event registration) 

You can review the upcoming Materials Data Platforms and Repositories here. 

Registration deadline for Poster session and Materials Data Platform and Repositories session is February 13th.

Foundations to Futures: Materials Data and AI

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

1:00 | Welcome and Introduction to MaRDA2024: Debra Audus (NIST), David Elbert (JHU), Corey Oses (JHU), Fatih Sen (Novelis) 

1:10 | Session 1:  Enabling the Future through Open Materials Data and AI

Chairs: Debra Audus (NIST), David Elbert (JHU)

1:30 | Panel Discussion: Benjamin Brown (DOE), Arthi Jayaraman (UDel), Alejandro Strachan (Purdue), James Warren (NIST)

2:20 | Poster Session 1: GatherTown

3:10 | Session 2: Intersection of Large Language Models and Materials Data 

Chairs: Ben Blaiszik (Chicago), Jiale Shi (MIT)

3:15 | Panel Presentations: Daniil Boiko (CMU), Defne Circi (Duke), Christopher Kuenneth (University of Bayreuth), Vineeth Venugopal (MIT)

3:45 | Panel Discussion

4:30 | Summary Discussion 

4:45 | Adjourn

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

1:00 | Welcome

1:05 | Session 3:  AI ready Data 

Chairs: Kamal Choudhary (NIST), Fatih Sen (Novelis) 

1:10 | Panel Presentations: Maria Chan (Argonne), Anubhav Jain (LBNL), Tengfei Luo (Notre Dame), Muhammed Shuaibi (Meta AI)

1:40 | Panel Discussion 

2:20 | Poster Session 2: Gathertown

3:10 | Working Group Reports: 

Chair: Laura Bartolo (Northwestern)

3:15  Metadata extractors: Matthew Evans (UCLouvain & Matgenix SRL), Peter Kraus (TUBerlin), David Elbert (JHU)

3:23  LIMS: Eric Stach (Penn), Josh Taillon (NIST)

3:31  Microscopy: Ed Barnard (LBNL), Maria Chan (Argonne), Mitra Taheri (JHU)

3:39 Phase field metadata: Daniel Wheeler (NIST)

3:47  FAIR Train: Olga Wodo (Buffalo), Brian Schuster (UTEP)

3:55  Questions from Google Sheet (https://bit.ly/marda2024_wgreports)

4:05 | Research Data Alliance US (RDA-US): Beth Plale (Indiana)

4:20 | Working Group Planning: Cate Brinson (Duke), David Elbert (Johns Hopkins)

Working Group Breakouts:

  • Metadata Needs
  • AI Ready Data
  • Repositories and Platforms
  • Workforce/Training/Education

4:45 | Summary

5:00 | Adjourn

Thursday, February 22, 2024

1:00 | Welcome 

1:05 | Session 4:  Industry and Translation Work 

Chairs: Corey Oses (JHU), Gen Yin (Georgetown)

1:10 | Panel Presentations: Christine Allen (University of Toronto), Muratahan Aykol (Google DeepMind), David Hicks (LIFT), Kun Yue (NVIDIA)

1:40 | Panel Discussion

2:20 | Materials Data Platforms and Repositories Session: Gathertown

3:10 Session 5: Education and Workforce Development 

Chairs: Corey Oses (JHU), Gen Yin (Georgetown)

3:15 | Panel Presentations: Michael Falk (JHU), Purna Gamage (Georgetown), James Hickman (Georgetown), Erik Sapper (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo), Chris Stiles (APL), Houlong Zhuang (Arizona State University)  

3:45 | Panel Discussion 

4:25 | Summary

4:35 | Outstanding Poster Awards and Presentations: Kat Nykiel (Purdue) 

4:50 | Closing Comments: Peter Voorhees (Northwestern) 

5:00 | Adjourn