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WG7: Automated Metadata Extractors

This group works on enabling interoperability of ETL pipelines between experimental apparatus, software, scientists and informaticians. The work promotes FAIR practices by designing, creating and reusing software and infrastructure to streamline the process of describing ETL pipelines in such a way that they can be more broadly reused, and associated tooling for automated execution and discovery of said pipelines. Following the name of the WG, it will primarily target the Extraction step, i.e., the literal parsing of unstructured data files, and the description of the output Transformed data model and encouragement of FAIR representations. This is a different approach from the typical target of creating a unifying output data schema; instead we will remain agnostic to the output format if it is sufficiently well-described in a machine-actionable manner. The group is completely open and you can join through contact info and meeting info found in the central GitHub repository ( The repo also hosts a discussion board and meeting minutes.

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