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This Working Group will focus on what details about electron microscopy experiments in materials science need to be recorded as common metadata. As a foundational step toward recommended minimal, common, lightweight metadata for materials electron microscopy, the working group will conduct a review of existing recognized electron microscopy metadata practices in cognate disciplines, e.g., life sciences, materials science and chemistry. The working group will document key features of selected domain metadata practices with references and links to help researchers find the example metadata that could be used or modified in materials microscopy. The group will then establish a demonstration project on several common samples, examined by multiple methods and instruments, to share microscopy data and metadata and to reproduce results across microscopy facilities.

Co Chairs: Edward Barnard, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Maria Chan, DOE Argonne National Lab, Mitra Taheri, Johns Hopkins University

MaRDAC Representatives: Peter Voorhees, Northwestern; Cate Brinson, Duke

Members: Eva Campo (Campostella Research), Fernando Castro (Gatan Inc.),  Miaofang Chi (Oak Ridge National Lab), John Damiano (Protochips Inc), Anthony  DiGiovanni ( Army Research Lab), Tom Isabell (JEOL), Robert Klie (University of Illinois at Chicago), Jia Ying (Northwestern University), Prashant Singh (Ames Lab), Maureen Williams (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

 Ex Officio: June Lau, NIST

This work is supported by the NSF grant FAIROS RCN: 2226416, 2226417

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