Save The Date: U.S. MGI Principal Investigator Meeting July 30th and 31st in Washington DC

Hosted at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Center at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Click here for more details

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The purpose of the MDI Provider Integration and Interoperability WG is to provide a dedicated venue for MDI providers (e.g., software developers, data engineers, etc.) to coordinate MDI development activities and build consensus around the adoption of the FAIR Data Principles. The MDI Provider Integration and Interoperability WG will promote technical awareness about U.S. and International projects specifically among MDI developers. The mission will be pursued through coordination and planning of MDI developer meetings, hackathons, and workshops.

Term: 2/22/20 – 2/21/22

Chairs: Zachary T. Trautt, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Santanu Chaudhuri, Argonne National Laboratory; Marcus D. Hanwell, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Matthew D. Jacobsen, Air Force Research Laboratory; Klara Nahrstedt, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign; Suhas Somnath, Oak Ridge National Laboratory;

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